988 Helper

988 Helper (originally 988 Pomoćnik) is my first Android application it was created for the VIP Android Challenge 1.0 . I’ve worked on it together with my great friend Milan Delibašić

The point is that somebody calls you, and you don’t have that person/number in your phonebook, 988 Helper will find out who is that person using Telekom Srbija’s 988 service. Simple as that :)

Application won HTC Tattoo phone :D

UPDATE: 988 Pomoćnik has been removed from the android market, because Telekom Srbija’s site has changed. Before taking it off this application had more than 3000 downloads. I’ve very proud of that detail :)



I couldn’t think of a better name for this one, but hey, it’s only a school project for my master studies.

I had to implement an app that shows the benefit of using Aspects. So I’ve created an app that downloads pictures from Picasa, using Google’s APIs. Of course, with some aspects behind it (logging and thread pool).

It was finished in September 2009.


From time to time I have to create web sites with mostly the same features. For that mater I’ve started the pod2 project (http://code.google.com/p/pod2/)

The idea is simple: have somekind of best pratice/startup project for PHP. Initially I’ve started this for my band’s website (notice the pod… path of decay).

I’m using awesome codeigniter (I really like this framework, and I would recommend it to all the PHP developers out there), smarty and jquery. I have big big plans for this startup-kickstart framework.

When I finish Path Of Decay’s new site you’ll see the full potential of pod2 :)

Until then stay tuned!

Room reservation

My first C# project. During the masters studies, I had a class for “graphical user interfaces” and I had to first come up with the full specification (by myself), make mock up version of the app and in the end to implement it.

It was interesting to see C# for the first time, and visual studio for as well.

Date: June 2009.

Address Space Manager

I’ve finished my bachelor studies with this final project (“graduation project”) that I’ve work with my girlfriend Ivana Vrbić. We implemented “Address Space Manager” for RCUB, that eventually became a part of their NetIIS application.

It was implemented in Java programming language. It purpose is to be used by network admins, so they could scan any (reachable) network to find our all the available devices and their IP addresses and other useful information. We used SNMP protocol to find out all the details we needed.

We both finished with the highest grades, and got our bachelor diplomas in October 2007.


My first java web project, and it was for “Internet programming” class. The goal was to create a college portal so that students could book their time for laboratory tests and exams and pick lab demonstrator. On the other side professor can reschedule groups, set payment checks for lab demonstrators and similar.

It was implemented in Java/JSP/Struts with MySQL as database.

Implementation date:  August 2007.

Power supply controller

In June 2007, I’ve worked with my girl friend Ivana Vrbić on a “power supply controller” for the “Micro-processing systems” class. We created a very detailed scheme of the systems based on the 8086 processor and 8051 micro-controller. Second part of the project was to create the main algorithm in assembler for 8086, and in keil c for 8051 micro-controller. Last part was to create a simulation of 8086 in assembler and 8051 in keil c


An interesting mini project for the “Expert systems” class: Verbal arithmetic. On of the most popular is SEND + MORE = MONEY. So what is verbal arithmetic? Basically is a type of mathematical game consisting of a mathematical equation among unknown numbers, whose digits are represented by letters.

Here we weren’t focusing only on SEND + MORE = MONEY, there was unknown number of variables. And only addition was supported.

As most of the school projects, it was implemented in java, in june 2007.

Performance of Computing systems

For “Performance of Computing systems” class I was supposed to implement a real time simulation of a processor with two hard disk drives and compute various statistical data. Not very interesting to be honest. It was done, as usual in Java, back in june 2007.