Room reservation

My first C# project. During the masters studies, I had a class for “graphical user interfaces” and I had to first come up with the full specification (by myself), make mock up version of the app and in the end to implement it.

It was interesting to see C# for the first time, and visual studio for as well.

Date: June 2009.


Virtual HDD for C++ kernel

Don’t know how to name it better, anyway, this was a part of “Operating systems 2” class. The goal was to enable the core (kernel) from the first course, to make it work with virtual HDD and to work on caching and optimization algorithms.

Created in june 2006.

Multithreading support for C++

One of my favorite projects during college. It was a part of “Operating systems 1” class (Dragan Milićev was the professor). The goal was to create a multithreading support for C++, with features like context switching, explicit synchronous preemption, asynchronous preemption (caused by an interrupt), time sharing, round-robin scheduling…

It was used as a core for Operating systems 2 class.

This was back in january 2006.