@Embeddable with hbm.xml

At work we are using hibernate with annotations. So in some places we use the @Embeddable & @Embedded annotation. What do they do? They are both standard annotations, @Embeddable means “this class will not have it’s own table, and it will be embedded in some other’s class table”, and @Embedded means “embed this field to my table”.

That’s all good, but I’ve returned to my old project (klopaj.com), and what do we have there? hbm.xml files. I confess, I’ve first started using hibernate annotations, and then hbm files, so I’m not a hbm guru (nor annotations, but I know a bit more :)). So, to do the same thing with hbm.xml:

<class name="Poi"...>
<component name="geoPoint" access="field" class="GeoPoint">
<property name="latitude" type="double" />
<property name="longitude" type="double"  />

Simple as that, now my Poi table has two additional columns “latitude” and “longitude”, but my Poi class has a reference to GeoPoint instance. :)
But still, I like the annotation solutions prettier, but this one is working as planned.