Introducing the “Toink” sessions

I’ve very pleased to announce something that I want to do in a very long time. I’ve heard a million times “this framework is much better than <insert name> framework”, “it’s cool, but to difficult to setup” ,”too many XMLs” etc.

So what will I do? Simple, try to test all the frameworks as much as I can on a very simple application. The mystery application name is “Toink”, so there’s the name “Toink Session”! And yeah, the name doesn’t mean anything, it’s windows default sound when something goes wrong :)

Every framework will use the same backend (core) that has been implemented in Hibernate + Guice combination. And I’ll with test to see how simple it is to setup some framework, use a “legacy” code, and try to use the old POJO objects. Maybe I will do some performance tests as well, because all the frameworks will you the same core.

All the code, examples, bugs and wiki will be @ I still don’t know how often will I post here, but as soon as some framework is done, I’ll post it here.

Ready or now, here we go! The first framework will be Apache Wicket!

I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments :)