From time to time I have to create web sites with mostly the same features. For that mater I’ve started the pod2 project (http://code.google.com/p/pod2/)

The idea is simple: have somekind of best pratice/startup project for PHP. Initially I’ve started this for my band’s website (notice the pod… path of decay).

I’m using awesome codeigniter (I really like this framework, and I would recommend it to all the PHP developers out there), smarty and jquery. I have big big plans for this startup-kickstart framework.

When I finish Path Of Decay’s new site you’ll see the full potential of pod2 :)

Until then stay tuned!



In March 2007 by band Path Of Decay released our first EP. And as a geek as I am, I had to create a website. Design was made by Ivana Bugarinović, our awsome drummer and a very talented artist. The idea was that the website should like the same as our booklet, so while going through the site you would actually read the booklet.

Frontend was created in flash (and actionscript 2) and backend was custom made in PHP. Site had all the traditional parts like biographym photos, lyrics, music, videos… All the content was loaded from XML files.

Later I’ve created a “lite” PHP only version of the site.


After euforia-bg.com website, I’ve worked on inopartners.com, another band from Belgrade (and not only Belgrade :)) named, you’ve guessed it, Inopartners. I’ve liked their concept, it wasn’t a typical band’s website. When a visitor opens the site you would find yourself in a room, and every object in the room represented a part of the website, vintage radio played the music, tv videos, newspaper was for news, photo album for photos, phone for contact etc…

All the design was made by the band itself, but I was responsible to take their pictures (collages to be precise) and make them into a working website. It was a full flash website, and it took me a couple of weeks in february 2007.

Unfortunately the website isn’t available anymore. But if you have the time, check out the band here: http://www.myspace.com/inopartnersband


Homepage for euforia-bg.com

I must admit, Euforia is one of my favorite bands, and also my friends play in it, so I’ve decided to help them out and create a web site (Lazar Bodroža did the great design, and I’ve put all the stuff together).

Website was completly in flash, but in backend it used phpbb2 forum that the band was using. I was working on it since February till April 2006. It was pretty challenging for me, firstly to find out how phpbb2 works, then how to call it from flash, how to play the videos, music, how to load them dynamically…and of course how to do all the animations in the flash. There was a lot ActionScript 2 in there.

letva.org forum

Homepage of letva.org

letva.org (ex daska.org, both words mean “board” in serbian) was my first PHP project, it started as my high school graduation project, but I’ve continued working on it later. It was pretty popular when I was in college during the first and second year of studies.

It was created from scratch, using PHP4 (and smarty for template engine) and MySQL 3. It had all the features most forums do like: categories, threads, posts, users, private messages, attachments, showing online users, list of all users, user rights (private forums), addressbook (something like a friend’s list) etc. I was pretty much satisfied with it, I’ve created some modules that I’ve used on other smaller projects (like session handling, db wrapper, image upload …)

Project started in mid 2003 @daska.org, but it was later transferred to letva.org because somebody bought that domain in the meantime.

Officially project was discontinued in October 2007.