Sonar – open source software quality tool

Wow, I don’t know how did I miss this awesome tool. Just go to download it and install it. It will help you keep your code much cleaner and with less bugs (I didn’t say bugless :))

Installation is easy, UI is simple enough, a lot of features (different metrics, time machine, unit tests etc)… And one of the great things I love about it there is a Sonar plugin for Hudson, and you can find it With that plugin you could analyze your code with every night build, compare it to the previous, see if you have any improvements.

Oh yeah, one more thing, it’s maven ready. And if you are not using Java, there is a PHP, Flex, .NET, Groovy… plugins, check it out here



  1. I use this tool in my company for last 2 years and it was very helpful. From coding standard, code complexity, standards…

    BTW, great blog i subscribe on it :)

    • Thanks :)

      Did you set it up with your weekly/daily build? And did it find any nasty bugs?

      Right now I’m using PMD also, but don’t like it as much as I like sonar (first impression)

  2. No, I run it manual using maven script.

    Yes, we find lot of nasty bugs, huge classes, complex methods… We also use findbugs, checkstyle and PMD with sonar…
    It is excellent tool, especially for people who are new in programing, so they can see best practices and what mistakes they make. … So you don’t have to review its code every time :)

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