The Unbearable Lightness of Java – jodd

I was amazed when I first read about this library.  It’s almost unbelievable what is packed in less than 850KB. Without further ado, let me represent jodd!

jodd logo

As the author said himself:

Jodd = tools + ioc + mvc + db + aop + tx < 850KB

There are two main parts, one is the general utility library, and the second being a set of lightweightapplication frameworks.

  1. How many times you had to deal with date in java? You can still feel the pain? Here is the cure JDateTime. Ever had a need to copy entire bean? Use BeanUtil. Sending email is your thing? Yup, jodd has that covered. Auto-populating forms? Checked. Also there are StringUtil, Printf, special JSP tag library and bunch more. Very useful from time to time.
  2. Second part is interesting as well. There is a slick MVC framework named Madvoc (I’ve used it in one of my projects, simple as hell), Petite (DI container, no XMLs :)), DB access layer and more.

Check it up yourself at Documentation is great and there are planty of examples to get you started (much better than my examples anyway)

Also there you can find “Uphea“, application built on jodd framework.


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